realer than that Sexual Assault Awareness Program
"realer than that touches on an issue that everyone's aware of but that no one's talking about. I personally know a few close friends that have been hurt and I wish they could've heard this material earlier."
Laura Kiser, College Student

"realer than that is a unique way to get college students thinking about and discussing the very important issues surrounding acquaintance rape."
Jeff Walker, Academic Advisor, New York University

"The action of the play is so frank and engaging, it demands an honest discussion afterwards."
Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Recent College Graduate

“There is no question that realer than that is a thought-provoking, conversation starting play. What makes it unique from other pieces that get people talking is that it promotes a conversation that everyone should be having with their prospective sexual partner.”
Sarah Noel, MS, LMHC, Family and Adolescent Counselor

For more information about bringing realer than that to your campus, contact Will Clark at

ABOUT realer than that

The short play realer than that – 2009 winner of the prestigious Samuel French New Play Festival – has been performed Off-Broadway, across the United States, and around the world. The play documents 25 minutes in the lives of Jared and Colleen – former high school sweethearts who, ten years after graduation, meet again at a friend’s wedding. The play follows them as they retire to Jared’s hotel room – each with a very different expectation of what will transpire once they get there.

realer than that deals frankly and without condescension with issues of sexual assault, acquaintance rape, and sexual communication through the depiction of an encounter that is both compelling and complex, recognizable and R-rated. The play is provocative and moving – and shocking in a way that forces audiences to recognize themselves in both characters… and to confront the choices that they have made every time they have retired to a hotel room – or a dorm room – with a partner.

Each performance of realer than that is followed by a discussion of the play that fosters an open communication about issues which are central to sexual responsibility and healthy communication between sex partners – but which are rarely openly discussed, especially among mixed groups of men and women.

BRINGING realer than that TO YOUR CAMPUS

For information on bringing realer than that to your university – including information on pricing and availability – please contact CRY HAVOC Associate Artistic Director Will Clark at or call 212-726-2693.

The play realer than that was developed with The CRY HAVOC Company, premiered Off-Broadway with the Sounding Theater Company in 2007, and is published by Samuel French, Inc. © 2010