CRY HAVOC provides extensive resources to support playwrights at every stage of new play development – from initial conception to production-ready script. Scripts developed through CRY HAVOC’s programs have been staged in hundreds of productions in theaters spanning all seven continents.

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CRY HAVOC Literary Department
CRY HAVOC develops far more plays than we could ever produce ourselves. In addition to supporting the development of these new works, the CRY HAVOC Literary Department works with playwrights to help find production homes for their plays at theaters around the world.
Open Workshop Stagings
Stagings in CRY HAVOC’s Open Workshop series provide an opportunity for playwrights and their collaborators to see a well-rehearsed presentation of their play presented before a public audience in a rehearsal room setting. The stagings are followed by moderated discussions with the audience to get feedback on their experience of the piece. These conversations also include discussion of the process by which the play was developed as part of CRY HAVOC’s ongoing mission to elucidate the process of how plays are made for a theater-going audience.
Open Workshop Readings
Readings in CRY HAVOC’s Open Workshop series provide an opportunity for playwrights to hear their plays under development read aloud in front of a public audience and to receive moderated feedback from that audience. The Open Workshop program also functions to involve our audience in the process of developing plays, and to allow them to see plays at stages of development that they are not usually privy to.
The CRY HAVOC Studio
The CRY HAVOC Studio provides a forum for playwrights to collaborate with Resident Actors and Directors to put a play, or portion of a play, into rehearsal in order to test the way that a script – which has already been rigorously honed on the page through the CRY HAVOC Workshop – functions “on its feet.”
Directing Corps
The Directing Corps is the team of directors in residence at The CRY HAVOC Company. The Directing Corps meets regularly to hone their skills in directing workshops and productions of new plays, to provide support and advice to each other on their current directing projects, and to provide instruction in the skills specific to directing new work to the directing apprentices training with CRY HAVOC.
The Resident Company
CRY HAVOC is home to a Resident Company of professional actors, directors, and playwrights who are devoted to and practiced in the development of new work. Resident Artists of all disciplines undergo rigorous and ongoing training in new play dramaturgy. As a result, CRY HAVOC offers a dynamic and experienced new play development team unlike any other in the world.
The Playwright
All of CRY HAVOC’s new play development programming is governed by the vision of the playwright. However, that does not mean the playwright is not challenged. To the contrary – all of our new play development programming is geared towards holding the playwright responsible to their vision, and driving it towards becoming the most dynamic and robust version of that play that the playwright is capable of writing.
Dramaturgy Corps
The Dramaturgy Corps is a team of artists within the CRY HAVOC community who, after years of developing plays through CRY HAVOC’s programs, are especially expert in new play dramaturgy. Members of the Dramaturgy Corps are available to playwrights for focused one-on-one conversations to process feedback received in the Workshop, to discuss how their play is currently working, and to develop strategies to make it work more like the play they set out to write.
The CRY HAVOC Workshop
The weekly CRY HAVOC Workshop provides a forum for playwrights in the CRY HAVOC community to receive moderated feedback on plays from the very earliest stages of development. The Workshop serves as a critical incubator for new plays by providing a forum for the rigorous dramaturgical exploration and discussion required to prepare a play to go into rehearsal.