CRY HAVOC's network of New Play Development programs has supported the development of more than 450 new plays, screenplays, and musicals, which have gone on to be published, win major awards, and be performed in hundreds of productions around the world, reaching all seven continents.

#292 by Sidse Ploghs
210 Amlent Ave. by Becky Goldberg
Abandon Falls by Josh Bywater
The Abduction of Becky Morris by Alison Crane
Akila by Sara Michelle Evangelista
All Over Me (How Does It Feel?) by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
And it came to pass in those days... by Kitt Lavoie
Animal Noises by Derrick DeMaria
Art of the Future by Jim Fagan
Bake Sale by Jennifer Reichert
Bank & Trust by Kitt Lavoie
Before Al-Kindi Again by Kitt Lavoie
Before and After by Ali Keller
Better by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders
Better Than A Tree by Timothy Davis
Beyond the Wall by Sharon E. Cooper
Black Sleigh Down by Jim Fagan
The Bride's Side by Michael Ross Albert
Cake by Cavan Hallman
Capturing Alice by Jennifer Reichert
Carry Me On by Will Clark
Caught by Sharon E. Cooper
The Christmas Angel of Marfa, TX by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Christmas Cookies by Jennifer Reichert
Christmas For New Year's by Jennifer Reichert
Christmas Unexpected by Alison McLaughlin
The City Stalker by Sharon E. Cooper
Clam and Hershel Hash It Out by Jim Fagan
The Claw by Sydney Painter
Color Blind by Will Clark
Continental Drift by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
The Cooking King by Sharon E. Cooper
The Cooking King Meets the Grocery Store Clerk on Christmas Eve
by Sharon E. Cooper
Counting The Days by Cavan Hallman
Crossroads by Kelly Wetherald
Dead Week by Cindy Kay
Dear Nate by Ali Keller
Detroit Industry by Katelin Wilcox
Dig by Kitt Lavoie
The Driven Snow by Kitt Lavoie
The Earth You Created by Sydney Painter
The End by Sidse Ploghs
Elite Performance by Cavan Hallman
Ember by Kari Morris
Eminent Domain by Will Clark
Enough by Kitt Lavoie
Epidemic by Kate Heaney
everytime a bell rings, or silent night by Josh Bywater
Evidence by Jennifer Reichert
Expat by Kit Williamson
Face by Kari Morris
Fading Reprise by Matt Prigge
Fallen by Matt Cowart
Falling In by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
A Few Moments of Hope by Ali Keller
Fine by Kitt Lavoie
First Dance by Kitt Lavoie
First World Problems by Katelin Wilcox
Flip by Timothy Davis
For Plume by Jenny Kirlin
For Your Consideration by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders
Forsaken by Kitt Lavoie
Freak Flag by Timothy Davis
Frohliche Weihnachten by Cavan Hallman
Fuck Me Pumps by Sarah Jane Schostack
Ghost Light by Cavan Hallman
Ghost Story by Kathryn Funkhouser
The Gin Dialogues by Kit Williamson
The Golden Age of Kali by Sharon E. Cooper
Good Enough by Kitt Lavoie
Goodbye, Apollo by Kathryn Funkhouser
Gracie by Julia Bilbao
Habitual by Cavan Hallman
Has-Been by Kathryn Funkhouser
Heedless by Peter Crosby
Her and him and him and her by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders
The Herald Pigeon by Jenny Kirlin & Kitt Lavoie
Here Begins The Parody by Derrick DeMaria
Here Comes The Night by Annalisa Chamberlin
Holiday Scoring by Ali Keller
Homefront by Kat Funkhouser
Hope by Cavan Hallman
Hot Air by Katelin Wilcox
The Hubble View by Leah Filley
Huggs by Shelly Lanciani
I Hate the Gays…but…I Sorta Love Them by Connor Lounsbury
If the Sun is Out I'd Rather be in the Shadow
by Leah Filley
In The Bonds by Ali Keller
In The Meantime by Sharon E. Cooper
Intelligence by Jennifer Reichert
Internicina by Timothy Davis
Into the Blue by Kari Morris
Inuit Pie by Michael Ross Albert
Invited by Jennifer Reichert
Involuntary Council by Annalisa Chamberlin
Iowa (Sin Bravely) by Timothy Davis
IRL by Will Clark
Jianni's from Australia by Becky Sterling Rygg
Just Julian by Jennifer Reichert
Kat for Short by Kitt Lavoie
Kiki Baby by Lonny Price, Kitt Lavoie & Grant Sturiale
The Killer Instinct by Charlie Murray
L'art pour l'art
by Tim Creavin
The Last Word
by Kari Morris
Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room by Katelin Wilcox
The Letter by Kari Morris
Lighthouse by Melisa Breiner-Sanders
Little Boxes by Cavan Hallman
The Magic Of Macy's by Katelin Wilcox
Makes Three by Kitt Lavoie
Marriage, Money, and Matteo by Lynn Spector
The Median Line by Kitt Lavoie
Message Send Failure by Jim Fagan
Michael Bay's America, Part IV by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Michelle by Cindy Kay
Midnight to 8 by Timothy Davis
Mikey Wears Braces by Jennifer Reichert
Missionary Dating by Jennifer Reichert
Mistakes by Russ Hankin
A Modern Fairy Tale by Sharon E. Cooper
The Most Wonderful Time by Jennifer Reichert
Nest for the Holidays by Jenny Kirlin
No Matter How Far You Roam by Chris Petty
Not Easily Forgotten by Cavan Hallman
Not Entirely Platonic by Kitt Lavoie
Occupied by Sharon E. Cooper
On the Table by Sharon E. Cooper
Only Santa Flies On Christmas Eve by Timothy Davis
Out of the Frame by Rachel Alter
Oven Mitts by Zoe Anastassiou
Painting Seventeen by Sharon E. Cooper
Partridge in a Peachtree by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Party Girl by Kitt Lavoie
The Pawnbroker by Katelin Wilcox
Pigeons by Jenny Kirlin & Kitt Lavoie
Pitch by Mary Cavett
Plans by Jennifer Curfman
Puppy Love
by Becky Sterling Rygg
[pwnd] by Kitt Lavoie
The Quiet Storm
by William Jackson Harper
Radiant by Jenny Kirlin, Kerry Flanagan & Kitt Lavoie
Rainbow Rabbit Reliant by Kitt Lavoie
realer than that by Kitt Lavoie
Red Frost by Alexandra Fokine
Requital by David Loewy
Residence by Leah Filley
Reunion by Jason Yoskowitz
Revelations by Peter J. Crosby
The Rhythm Method by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Riverbank by Matthew Prigge
Roam - a musical by Cavan Hallman
Samir's Fish by Sydney Painter
Sanctuary by Julia Bilbao
Senior Thesis by Julia Bilbao
Seven Keys by Kitt Lavoie & Graeme Gilis
The Seven Men of Hanukkah by Sharon E. Cooper
Simply Twisted by Sharon E. Cooper
Siriously by Sharon E. Cooper
Slut Claus by Ali Keller
Snowfall by Josh Bywater
Some Western Blues by Cavan Hallman
The Sort of Thing Men Do by Kitt Lavoie
Southern Cross by Timothy Davis
The Spaceship Lands On Christmas by Sydney Painter
A Special Day by Jennifer Reichert
Spilling the Salt by Derrick DeMaria
Spy Actually: A BiPolar Express by Jim Fagan
Squabs' First Christmas by Jenny Kirlin
Stardust by Sharon E. Cooper
Stay by Jenny Kirlin
Step Nine by Sarah Jane Schostack
Stolen Moments by Jennifer Reichert
Sunshine by Kitt Lavoie
Switch by Kelly McCready
T.S.A. by Cole Johnston
Techs by Jennifer Reichert
A Tempest Interlude by Katelin Wilcox
Theatre and a Bite by Bob Montgomery
Then… by Cynthia Franks
Thirty Four Weeks and Four Days by Kitt Lavoie
Three Sisters by Jennifer Curfman and Rachel Neuman
Tony Bennett and everything by Jenny Kirlin
Tree Time by Becky Sterling Rygg
*a truly marvelous proof by Kitt Lavoie
Two Gents by Cavan Hallman
Two Ways of Flying by Fiona Rae Brunner
The Un-Authorized Musical Biography of George Takei by Cavan Hallman
Unplugged by Sharon E. Cooper
Unverdant Beauty by Will Clark
Veep by Kitt Lavoie
Vision Quest by Michael Ross Albert
A Visit to the Bronx by Sharon E. Cooper
Visions of Johanna by Charlotte Cwikowski
Waiting for Santa by Becky Goldberg
Water Lilies by Amanda Phelan
Wax by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Welcome Home by Eric Miller
The West Wing by Jenny Kirlin
The Weston Women by David Loewy
When They Fall by Becky Sterling Rygg
Whittle by Annalisa Chamberlin
Winter Break
by Kitt Lavoie
Wish You Were Here My Love by Sharon E. Cooper
The World on Its Side by Leah Filley
A Writer for Children
by Kitt Lavoie
Year After Year by Melisa Breiner-Sanders
Yukon Brass by Jennifer Reichert

Kiki Baby

Kiki Baby by Lonny Price, Kitt Lavoie & Grant Sturiale

A tale of fame, fortune, failed opera divas, dwarfs, sweatshop bosses, monumentally bad parenting, and what happens to a little girl when no one will tell her "no." 2011 Theater for the American Musical Prize.

Painting Seventeen

Painting Seventeen by Sharon E. Cooper

An Artist’s self-portrait reveals more than what’s on the canvas. To be published in The Best 10 Minute Plays of 2014.

The Pawnbroker

The Pawnbroker by Katelin Wilcox

A one-woman show that explores the controversial story of Bertolt Brecht's legend – and what five women lost to create it. Official Selection of the United Solo Festival.

Good Enough

Bank & Trust by Kitt Lavoie

In the midst of a free-falling economy, two old friends – a construction loan officer and the wife of a building contractor – have no one to blame but each other. Published in the Vintage Press collection Plays for Two.

All Over Me

All Over Me (How Does It Feel) by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
A working class man realizes he can't always get what he wants when his fiancée announces she is winging off to Morocco with Mick Jagger. Premiered in English at The Keller Theater (Giessen, Germany) and in Norwegian at Theatre Dramadrivhuset (Oslo, Norway) on the same evening.

Rainbow Rabbit Reliant

Rainbow Rabbit Reliant by Kitt Lavoie

The daughter of a newly elected president is dispatched to convince her long-estranged sister to join the family at the upcoming inauguration. And to leave her girlfriend at home. Screenplay developed by CRY HAVOC, film produced by LeosPlayground. Best Dramatic Short, Audience Award – Atlantic City Cinefest; Audience Award, Best Debut Film – Route 66 International Film Festival.

Into the Blue

Stay by Jenny Kirlin

At the tail end of a breakup, a man returns to the house he once shared to take the last thing he's left behind.  Premiered at the Joburg Theater (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Southern Cross

Southern Cross by Timothy Davis

A wounded war vet returns home to find his family hanging on for dear life at the very last edge of the American dream.  Premiered at Big Lake Theater (Chicago, IL).

A Visit to the Bronx

The Cooking King by Sharon E. Cooper

A woman's favorite TV chef steps out of the tube and into her life. Published in The Best 10-Minute Plays of 2010.

Bake Sale

Bake Sale by Jennifer Reichert

An exploration of female sexuality and the choices women make in concert and as individuals–with baked goods.  Based on a series of scientific articles. Premiered at Keene State College (Keene, NH).