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Since joining CRY HAVOC’s Advisory Board in 2008, Lonny has played a central role in the development of the company’s evolution from a group of committed artists to an institution with a full-time facility and a respected place in the New York theater community. His thoughtful advice and guidance to the artistic and management leadership of the company, as well as the Board of Directors, has been an anchor in this period of exceptional growth. And his decision in 2011 to develop his own musical, Kiki Baby, with the CRY HAVOC Workshop was an extraordinary – and much appreciated – vote of confidence in the programs of the company and its community of artists dedicated to the development of new work.

The Cornerstone Fund

To reflect the forward-looking contributions that Lonny and our other Cornerstone honorees have made to CRY HAVOC, the funds raised as part of the Cornerstone Campaign will provide support for the new education and literary programs that CRY HAVOC will introduce in the coming year.

Programs this year’s Cornerstone Fund will support include an expansion of outreach activities aimed at early-career artists, a new sexual assault awareness program that CRY HAVOC will be bringing to University campuses, and advanced development of a new play CRY HAVOC plans to produce on the Off-Broadway stage.