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Larry Gresser

Gene Lasko

Eileen Silvers

The Founders:

Timothy Davis

Kerry Flanagan

Jennifer Reichert

Chris Stack

Tribute to Kitt Lavoie - Inaugural Artist Cornerstone

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CRY HAVOC Cornerstone Campaign in his honor.

The CRY HAVOC Cornerstones

Beginning in 2011, The CRY HAVOC Company will recognize four people each year – an artist, an administrator, a mentor, and a benefactor – who have played a special and especially profound role in the growth and development of the company over the previous year, who will be honored as Cornerstones of the company. In this inaugural year, CRY HAVOC honored Larry Gresser (Benefactor), Gene Lasko (Mentor), Eileen Silvers (Administrator), and the CRY HAVOC Founders - Timothy Davis, Kerry Flanagan, Kitt Lavoie, Jennifer Reichert, and Chris Stack (Artist) - for their outstanding contributions.

The Cornerstone Fund

To reflect the forward-looking contributions that our Cornerstone honorees have made to CRY HAVOC, the funds raised as part of the Cornerstone Campaign will provide support for the new education and literary programs that CRY HAVOC will introduce in the coming year.

Programs this year’s Cornerstone Fund will support include an internship program, a slate of acting and writing workshops and classes, a major outreach effort to colleges and universities focused on providing compelling, age-appropriate material to student actors, and advanced development programming aimed at partnering with major established theater organizations to bring CRY HAVOC-developed projects to a wider audience.

Please contribute at any of the following levels:

Any amount
your name will appear on the CRY HAVOC website.

your name will also appear on all event programs in 2011.

$250 or more
your name will also appear on our wall as an Angel alongside the Cornerstones for 2011.